Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School?

After many hours in the slums, I've decided to take a break from poverty related posts so I can fully process the information. Recently I've found myself getting cheaper and cheaper, maybe since I've realized how much I can help people with just a few dollars or, more selfishly, how long I can stretch this thing. I've gone from riding in baby taxis to taking public buses and from nice air-conditioned restaurants (safe for the stomach) to questionable roadside shacks (hygeine, doubtful).

This morning I was washing my clothes in a bucket in the bathroom before draping them around the room under the fan like oranaments on Christmas trees. It instantly made me think of Vandy. With "first-years", as the politically correct are demanding they be called, moving into their new homes in less than 10 days, I can still remember my first laundry day four years ago, and watching in relative amusement as other 18-year-olds consulted each other on how to operate a washer and dryer (sorry for those readers who might fall into this group). It feels quite odd, and quite good, to not be doing the August gear-up for the first time in my memory. I'll let you know if it gets rough being away from the classroom. For any eager students who might be reading, good luck with reading and writing and all that stuff you do.

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  1. Hey ROB! I've been catching up (with you finally)since returning from summer travels. You're posting some amazing stuff. STUFF ya know is going on 'out there' but your heart just won't let your brain think about it long enough to wrap your arms around it. And we really NEED to. I realllly want to send that family $500 to get them out of debt after their saving their son from tetnus, and I reallly want to bake a birthday cake for the 104 year old lady and send her a nice card (like maybe my Mastercard), and I really want to buy two cows for the young lady whose first experience with 'empowerment' resulted in a dead cow.
    Keep at it, Robbie, God has blessed us and the rest of the world with you. Love and Hugs!