Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Article on BRAC Featured on NextBillion.net

Hey everyone!

I am honored to be a guest columnist for NextBillion.net, one of the flagship websites for Base of the Pyramid development initiatives and one of the few sites I actually visit regularly. My article on BRAC's Targeting the Ultra Poor program just went up yesterday. Here's the direct link to the article, or just go to the homepage.




  1. I read the article, Rob, and I gotta tellya...my brain got tired! So tired I couldn't catch up on your other posts, but I will. (I'm good at going backwards) It was really thought provoking, a bit mystifyingfrustratingandsad....all rolled into one (as you can probably tell from that word(?).

  2. I, too, read your article and understood everything completely and easily. It is thought-provoking and such a reminder of how blessed we are.