Sunday, July 5, 2009

A New Chapter

The Vanderbilt site has had some technical problems so I’m moving my blog temporarily to Blogger. I’ve got some backed entries that I’ve been typing up so here they are.

It’s funny, but regardless of the fact that I have been graduated for nearly two months, I have still considered myself an immature college student. During these last few days leading up to my departure I have sensed that this is changing, and that it’s probably for the best (my friends Chris and Mike at Vandy would probably vehemently disagree). With all the preparation, celebration, and relaxing (that’s debatable), this summer has been amazing. I want to thank everyone for their monetary and emotional support, as well as all the suggestions and contacts people have sent my way. I feel extremely fortunate to have such a great group of friends and family behind me, and I hope that I can include something of interest for everyone in this blog. If you have any suggestions or comments, don’t be shy.

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  1. I would whole-heartedly agree that the change from college student to something else is a good thing, or at least for the best.