Friday, July 17, 2009

Rickshaw Commute to BRAC

This is a two minute clip of part of my daily commute to BRAC via rickshaw, which generally takes about 15 minutes. Toward the end you’ll see the cricket/soccer fields (Cricket is the national sport, and not until I watched a match on TV yesterday did I realize just how much it takes the slowness of baseball to a whole new level.) I always negotiate the prices up front with the rickshaw wallahs, but they often get lost on the way and then try to charge me a higher price for going farther once we get there. An argument usually ensues with broken English/Bengali, a crowd always gathers, and then I usually realize I’m arguing over 7 cents and give them the money. Anyway, enjoy the clip - I apologize about the rockiness, but if you could see the roads, you’d understand.

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